A lot of people live with pain that makes them unhappy!
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CBD, from responsibly raised hemp, is not supposed to cause a 'high' effect.
Marijuana does cause a high; and, can be used medicinally.

Please check with your physician, and your pet's vet (if used for pets)
 before adding CBD products or marijuana to yours or your pet's daily routine or medications.


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What do CBD products
do for me?
Normally aspirin alone barely takes the edge off my nearly constant, full body, five to six level pain.

So far, on better days, my pain level has been reduced about 70 to 80% with my regular use of aspirin and the recent addition of CBD products. Also, my sleep has improved.

CBS news reported CBD (from no-high hemp) is legal under federal law, but is legal in some states including (but not limited to) Florida, New York and Ohio. Check your state laws before making purchases. Also be very careful when traveling across state lines.
Using my sites means you acknowledge that you are (not I)
 responsible for medical and legal issues with your use of CBD products.




Do You Live Where It Is Legal to Grow Marijuana for Medicinal Use?

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If you are like me, you like to shop around for the most bang for your buck.
During my numerous hours of research, I decided to become an affiliate for some of the companies that sell CBD products. Each company, on my site, has a page dedicated to just that particular company. Because more than one company is represented here, purchases will have to be made while on that particular page before switching to another company's page. 
Your purchases are greatly appreciated since earnings will go toward greatly reducing my pain. BTW, my earnings are not an added expense to your purchases.

Can you make money selling this increasingly popular product (CBD)?
Yes, that is a possibility for those in certain states.

The more I research this, the more I am reminded of the great American gold rush, Check with your local law service before purchasing products
(Requires no up front money.
(CBD use is destined to Increase dramatically). I am not promising riches; but, extra money each month should be attainable with consistent work.

Check with your local laws to see if selling or possession of CBD products is legal. As of 03/09/19, CBS News reported the following: While cannabis is legal under a growing number of state laws, it remains illegal federally.  BUT, CBS reported CBD (from no-high hemp) is legal under federal law, but is illegal in some states including (but not limited to) Florida, New York and Ohio. Be careful  while crossing state lines. I am not a medical professional. I am also not a lawyer.Products are stored offsite.

Please check with your physician before adding CBD or marijuana products to your daily routine or medications.

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(After clicking link, see bottom left-hand side. View some of the products on your way down the page please). Your purchases help  immensely with me affording extra pain relief. Thank you.   :)

More Info about CBD provided by Joe Alton M.D, 
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Dr, Alton does not promote us. He does not know us.
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 If, you are concerned about positive drug testing, it It is important to verify lab tests on any specific CBD product type (usually available on request from the company that sold the product) to make sure of the proper THC levels for that specific product type. Almost all drug tests are designed to test for the presence of Terpenes and/or Cannabinoids present in cannabis, either marijuana or hemp. Tests are not necessarily checking just for THC. So even though the THC level may be zero, the tests could come back positive for a drug test.

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Be sure to check the privacy policy of the companies
from which you purchase products.

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